[self-interest] Slot initializers

Marko Mikulicic marko at seul.org
Tue Oct 10 22:21:01 UTC 2000

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
> Marko,
> > There are a couple of things in the Self syntax wich I though
> > they was clear to me but after trying them out in JSelf I got confused.
> >
> > (|john=jim.aSlot=something|)
> >
> > is this the same as ( | john=(jim.aSlot = something) | ) , where jim is
> > a parent in
> > the lobby or:
> >
> > (|john=jim . aSlot=something|)
> Self 4.1.2 (unlike what I expected!) gave a "No 'jim' delegatee slot
> was found in lobby. Sending method holder is lobby." error when I tried
> your expression.  
> Anyway, Self parsed your expression as ( | john=(jim.aSlot = something)
> | ).

Thank you Jacel, you are the fastest man in the universe!
I didn't yet hit the send button you on my mailer, and I got your answer

Now, its all much clearer.
Writing a parser for Self can bring you right to the hospital
The self syntax is just too human to make it understand to a machine :-)

I wrote a parser straight in C++ but I have not yet implemented
My friend Jura started to write it using bison but, here and there,
there are some
things to clear up in out minds.

Are there some mirrors where I can get Using_Self_SPARC.tar.gz ?
www.sun.com in just too slow (~50 b/s) and breaks the connection too
often (I fear data
Jacel: can you put it on your web server ?


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