[self-interest] Re: Self-Stamtisch? + Self on Mac

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Oct 9 21:00:57 UTC 2000


Thanks for your support.
I am making minimal changes and it is working.
But even minimal has meant redoing a bunch of graphics calls.
Also, Self wants to catch exceptions so if there is a bug in the VM, 
you get a chance to save a snapshot.
And, when using the SIC (not a factor on the Mac), it uses illegal 
instructions and address traps.
The problem is that the old call (something like 
InstallExceptionHandler) is not supported in Carbon.
Instead, you have to use MPSetExceptionHandler.
But that will not work on the main thread (I don't know why), only on 
subsidiary threads.
Which is fine under OS X, but under 9, you cannot make toolbox calls 
from subsidiary threads.
I tried just using that one pre-carbon routine for the 9 version, but 
then I got this
"Cannot launch application, could not find library: <<CarbonLib>>" message.
Anyone out there know about this stuff?

For now, it is just running without catching exceptions.

- Dave

At 11:47 PM +0200 10/6/00, vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za wrote:
>Hi Dave
>When you talk of carbonising Self, do you just mean updating the
>appropriate API calls to work under Carbon (such as memory, core os support
>etc), or are there some more radical changes involved. I would love to
>help, but right now am snowed under at work, should be calmer in a month or
>so, and then perhaps could contrinute some time.
>Vincent Coetzee
>Technology - eBucks.com
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>Facsimile: +27 11 282 4717
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>Where are you?
>Are you actually at Berkeley?
>- Dave
>>Thorsten Dittmar writes:
>>>   is anybody interesting in a Self Stammtisch at OOPSLA?
>>So... i've tried running Self in the OS X Beta and bad things start
>>happening.  I've got the Carbon Dater report for the Self VM and i'm
>>looking into carbonizing the VM.
>>Is anyone else working on this?  If so, maybe we should talk...
>>- sekhar
>>C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan at acm.org
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     David Ungar
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