[self-interest] Re: Self-Stamtisch? + Self on Mac

vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za
Fri Oct 6 21:47:25 UTC 2000

Hi Dave

When you talk of carbonising Self, do you just mean updating the
appropriate API calls to work under Carbon (such as memory, core os support
etc), or are there some more radical changes involved. I would love to
help, but right now am snowed under at work, should be calmer in a month or
so, and then perhaps could contrinute some time.


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Where are you?
Are you actually at Berkeley?

- Dave

>Thorsten Dittmar writes:
>>  is anybody interesting in a Self Stammtisch at OOPSLA?
>So... i've tried running Self in the OS X Beta and bad things start
>happening.  I've got the Carbon Dater report for the Self VM and i'm
>looking into carbonizing the VM.
>Is anyone else working on this?  If so, maybe we should talk...
>- sekhar
>C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan at acm.org


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