[self-interest] Self 4.1 coming out--see you at OOPSLA

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sun Oct 31 05:55:52 UTC 1999

Hi, everyone!

I have just finishing putting Self 4.1 on the Sun internal machine 
that gets pushed out to

I don't know how soon the files will get pushed, but any day now 
release 4.1 should be out there.
This has the Mac port and the VM portability framework.


- Dave

PS: Hope to see some of you at OOPSLA.

PPS: Please let me know about any comments/bugs/omissions, or things 
I could add to the site.
(A pointer to Jecel's site, maybe? What else??)

     David Ungar
     Sun Microsystems Laboratories
     (650) 336-2618

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