[self-interest] Re: Self 4.1 coming out--see you at OOPSLA

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Sun Oct 31 17:01:56 UTC 1999

David Ungar wrote:
> Hi, everyone!
> I have just finishing putting Self 4.1 on the Sun internal machine
> that gets pushed out to
> http://self.sunlabs.com

Wow! This is the best news I have had yet (and there actually
has been a lot of good stuff happening lately!).

> I don't know how soon the files will get pushed, but any day now
> release 4.1 should be out there.

Ooops! I tried downloading before I even finished reading your
email (am I anxious or what? :-). No wonder the directory doesn't
exist yet.

> This has the Mac port and the VM portability framework.

I hope you take one of the PowerBooks to show at OOPSLA. That
should have some impact, specially at the Squeak BOF session.
Let's see how long it will take for a X86 port to show up now!

BTW, does 4.1 include the Oz debugging thing? If it does then
1) I'll have to change the name of my 3D GUI to something else ;-)
2) I'll feel a lot safer letting novices play around with Self

Good job!
-- Jecel

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