[self-interest] Re: The Effort on Self

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at 3plus4.de
Fri Nov 19 00:22:15 UTC 1999

At 08:26 18.11.99 -0800, Jay Osako wrote:

>Has anyone suggested anything similar to the Slim Binaries used in
>Oberon? These are, essentially, an intermediate parse tree

Self byte codes are actually a serialized parse tree format and so nearly
identical to Oberon's SBs.  Actually the original Self system has no
interpreter but only two compilers, a slow, optimizing one and a fast one
which is used in place of an interpreter.

AFAIK, Oberon's SBs also contain type informations which can be used to
check for interface conformance (similar to Java bytecode) and of cource
need more special caches for all kinds of variable access and other
Oberon-specific stuff.

>2) It is language independent (sort of).

As long as the language looks like an Algol-like language, aka Pascal,
Modula, Oberon, Basic (even C to some extend), etc..


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