[self-interest] Re: licenses and working together

Gordon Cichon gordon at cichon.de
Thu Nov 18 06:50:26 UTC 1999

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, David Ungar wrote:
> It sounds like there may have been a misunderstanding--
> At 5:16 PM +0100 11/17/99, Gordon Cichon wrote:
> >Once, I offered my help to the Java/Self guys and to abandon
> >Self/Linux in favor of it. They were not interested in cooperating
> >with me and I did not get an answer from them.
> If you feel that you have been rebuffed by us, that was certainly
> never our intention.


no, that was absolutely not the point with it. :-)
This was at an very early stage of the Linux port
when I did not yet even know you. I think it was the
first week of January or so.

I just wanted to do something useful, and at this
time, I did not know exactly what this could be.
I think, Self on Java is a good idea (especially
on Hotspot :-), albeit much more difficult to get
the OS environment up again), and I wanted to stay
on focus within the Self effort.

To state my point more clearly: We need more focus
and do one step after another, helping each other
and not every single person to do just her single
project only.


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