[self-interest] Re: chat results

David Ungar david.ungar at eng.sun.com
Tue May 18 05:04:00 UTC 1999

Way to go, guys!

- Dave

At 2:28 AM -0300 5/17/99, Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
>We had a nice little chat on Saturday, from about 10pm to 11pm GMT.
>Diego Gómez Deck was there first, soon joined by me and Germán Morales
>(who left in the middle). Stefan Matthias Aust arrived pretty near
>that begining and Federico Ricca more towards the end.
>We mostly talked about the JSelf project (and got to see it in action)
>and how it was similar to what Stefan wants to do, and how the next
>version will be similar to what I want to do (called Self/R, previously
>tinySelf 2). I also talked about my hardware implementation of Self
>(called Merlin 6).
>It was a lot of effort, both to coordinate getting together in the
>first place and then to keep the conversation going in the chat
>format with delays. But I feel it was worth it - email is sometimes
>too slow for some things.
>-- Jecel
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