[self-interest] The initial Self World

Douglas Atique datique at alcatel.com.br
Thu May 20 12:09:05 UTC 1999

Hi, folks!
I somehow managed to get Self 4.0 to run on a SPARCstation here at my
workplace. Now I can understand better a lot of things that I knew in
theory, but couldn´t feel in practice.
I am experimenting a little with the empty Self world, that is the bare
VM. I tried to do the following:
self _AddSlots: ( | prims = _PrimitiveList . credits = _Credits | )
This was successful and added the two slots to the lobby (strangely one
cannot access the lobby with the "lobby" selector, but with "self"
because the VM# prompt evaluation context is the lobby).
Unfortunately, what I wanted to do was to invoke the credits slot as a
method slot, so that it would print the credits. Instead, the result was
that it only kept the returned object (´Thanks!´) on the slot. Then I
tried another idea:
self _AddSlots: ( | prims = _PrimitiveList . credits = [ _Credits ] | )
Yes, a block. Perhaps I could invoke the primitive with "self credits
Unfortunately it didn´t work. It only complained about non-lifo blocks
invocation after the block´s enclosing scope has returned.
Does anyone know a workaround to really INVOKING a primitive from a slot
of the lobby (or generically any object)?



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