[self-interest] Re: Scientific experiment

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Tue Jun 22 07:14:21 UTC 1999

Douglas Atique wrote:
> My thesis was that all objects that aren't referenced by the lobby would
> be reclaimed by the garbage collector. Even though this is contradictory
> if we take into account the fact that many objects that are named
> anObject aren't referenced by the lobby and don't get garbage collected
> after some time.

Actually, those objects you see floating around the GUI named
just 'anObject' are referenced by the lobby. There is a global
called 'desktop' which has some worldMorphs which has a bunch
of morphs including some outliners which reference a mirror
which have those objects you are talking about as their reflectees.

> Where are Self objects hung? Does anyone know? How
> could I garbage collect them?

The scheduler has a list of processes that are ready to run,
and these certainly can't become garbage while they are in
this list. And the processes have stacks with the those
"activation objects" ("context objects", for you Smalltalk fans)
which point to their receivers, arguments and a few other objects.

So you are going to have to kill as many processes as you can
(at the console, try control-C and then use the resulting menu)
before calling the _GarbageCollect to ge the best results.

-- Jecel
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