[self-interest] Re: data structures

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Jun 11 17:46:11 UTC 1999

Well, there has to be an asyncResponder slot, that's an issue with 
the holder object.
But I was saying that the slot should be initialized to an object 
that contains the method:

doSomthingIfNotInitialized: fb = (fb value)

or some such.

- Dave

At 11:13 PM -0700 6/10/99, Dru Nelson wrote:
> > foo doSomething
>> or
>> foo doSomethingIfNotInitialized: [...]
>> - Dave
>So are you saying..  if I go    'asyncResponder doSomething.'
>and there isn't an asyncResponder slot or the slot existed
>and it wasn't defined, AND the method has a 'IfNotInitialized:'
>postfix and block, execute the block?
>Dru Nelson
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