[self-interest] Re: Object Names (was: Object identity)

Ian Trudel ian at monk.cgocable.ca
Wed Jun 9 04:49:41 UTC 1999

Thanks for this enlightment. I am reading every post here, but I am not
understanding everything since Self's terminilogy (and concepts, did I
really need to mention?) is different from Smalltalk one. I will now
understand what you guys talking about when slots, traits and so will be
mentioned. I liked the reference to Smalltalk, which helped me. I guess not
having access to a machine that is Self-capable doesn't help me. For long I
wanted to try Self. Hope you guys work hard to make some ports for
miscellaneous OSes (such Linux, NT, and so). Maybe I could help some day


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: "Why doesn't every object get a name when it is created?"

[ ... I Snipped all the interesting things since I am not commenting them. I
am not a spammer ::) ]

: I hope this didn't make thing more confusing than they already were :-)
: -- Jecel


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