[self-interest] data structures

Jose' B. Garcia Perez-Schofield jgarcia at ei.uvigo.es
Tue Jun 8 16:05:00 UTC 1999

	Hi, SELFers !  ;-)

	First of all, thanks to Reainaldo and Douglas because of  
his explanations.

	And I have a new doubt:

	I have an object

	(|parent*= traits clonable. getAge = (age). setAge: x = (Age: x).
		getName: (name). setName: x = (name: x) | )

	An another:

	(|parent* = an object. age <-0. name <- 0. | )
                        ^ the object above

	That will be cloned in order to get some "registers".

	Then, I need an object to store some of those objects, for 
example, into a vector.

	(|parent* = traits oddball. contents *= vector |)

	And that's the problem: I simply can't do this because I don't 
know how to do it.  :-(
	I couldn't find information about it into the Self 4.0 
Programmer's Reference (probably it is my fault).

	The object below doesn't work: if I send a message copyAddLast, 
then I get an error. And I don't know how to reference the objects, 
because they have no name ('an object').

	Another possibilitie is:

	(|parent* = traits oddball. contents <- (0 & 0 & 0). | )

	And, later, change the zeroes with my objects, but I don't know how.

	HELP   !!   ;-)


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