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Jose' B. Garcia Perez-Schofield jgarcia at ei.uvigo.es
Tue Jun 8 07:37:15 UTC 1999

> I'll try to help.
	Thank yo for your help.
> OK! What Jecel means is that ANY object that have a name, can give a name to
> an unnamed object. (sorry about my english...:.P)

	OK ! After doing the complete BankAccount example, now these things 
are more clear for me. But I still can't understand why the fact of 
giving a name to an object is so complex....

> Voilá, the name is given... You unnamed object will be renamed to 'shell
> myCard'.

	Yes, but... it depends on the existence of Shell.... and, if it 
is not registered into the globals, no messages can be sent to him.

> IMPORTANT: Be careful on what object you are using in this on your
> experiments.
> I took a system object (shell), so I don't recommend saving this image after
> all...

	Ok !.

> >         I think it is not trivial. Why not an slot added automatically
> > to any object, with the default contents ' an object ', which
> > should be editable ?
> >
> I didn't understand the question!

	Probably because of my english.

	Ok. I think that all objects must have a name (*). The only way to 
give a name to an object in Self is creating a 'creator method' in other 
object (globals or traits, as I learn yesterday, if you want to send 
messages to this object).

	But why you have to do all this work ?

	Why not a slot 'name' into the object, created automatically with 
him ?   - with, if you want, the contents of "an object" by default -.

	I can't understand why the name of an object is linked with the 
visibility of him.

	Salud !


(*) At lest they have an OID (object identification), although they are 
named as 'an opbject'.


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