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Ian Trudel ian at monk.cgocable.ca
Thu Jun 3 06:10:48 UTC 1999

: > [nested interpreters]
: That is exactly how Little Smalltalk is implemented. You can
: download it from the net and look at the source, but it would
: be much better if you could find a copy of the book. I don't
: have any URLs for this, but the Leda language is from the same
: author so you might find something at
:  http://www.cs.orst.edu/~budd/leda.html

:Good luck.
: -- Jecel

You can find the lastest information/source code of Little Smalltalk (4.0)


For older version, check out this link:


The version of the book is Little Smalltalk 1. Here's the book reference:

Budd, T. [1987] A little Smalltalk, Addison-Wesley Pulishing Company.

The book is good, but you may consider the material very outdated.
Futhermore, Little Smalltalk 4.0 has been lot improved at implementation
level. Professor Budd has written a small file about the implementation of
his lastest version, but it is incomplete and may prefer to glance de soure.
You can find this file in post script at:


In Little Smalltalk 1, Budd writes that when an interpreter executes a
bytcode instruction that involves sending a new message, a new instance of
Interpreter is created and linked to the existing interpreter, wich then
becomes inactive until the message returns.



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