[self-interest] Re: arg count (was: Self bytecodes)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Thu Jun 3 02:38:22 UTC 1999

Douglas Atique wrote:
> What if we simply turn off this cache (I am talking about turning off everything that is
> SPARC-dependent)? I was implicitly thinking about always performing a lookup. Sorry not
> to have said it.

I had understood that you wanted to do that. You can eliminate the
code cache entirely or just never put anything in it so it always
misses. The first alternative will give you faster code, but the
second one will require less modifications to the current VM.

> [nested interpreters]

That is exactly how Little Smalltalk is implemented. You can
download it from the net and look at the source, but it would
be much better if you could find a copy of the book. I don't
have any URLs for this, but the Leda language is from the same
author so you might find something at


Good luck.
-- Jecel


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