[self-interest] network bug

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Thu Jan 14 18:35:53 UTC 1999

I was showing a friend, Kyle Hayes, Self 4.0 but wasn't able to get
the web browser to work. I had had this problem before and had tracked
it down to a DNS problem where the name was being apparently translated
into a network address instead of the actual node one.

At the university this problem had gone away by itself, so I had assumed
it was a Solaris configuration problem and not Self itself. Looking
through the VM sources, though, my friend found the problem: the
strncpy function is used to copy the network address to the reply
buffer. Unfortunately, the semantics of this function has changed
over time, so when copying the address it stops at the first
zero byte and fills in the rest with zeros -! Since this
works fine with addresses like, the problem went away
at the unversity when the www proxy machine moved from one net to

-- Jecel

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