[self-interest] Ultimardrev

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at kiel.netsurf.de
Thu Jan 7 21:55:40 UTC 1999

>  http://www.lsi.usp.br/~jecel/ult.tgz
>It will certainly be easier to port to VW3 than to Squeak.

I doubt.  I looked through the code and it looks more than Squeak than
anything else.  The code uses all that old MVC stuff of Forms,
DisplayScreen and so one. It also uses "_" for assignments.  Actually,
there're just five undefined classes (BooleanView, TextCompositor,
InspectorView, NotifierController and NotifierView) which are subclasses.
I think, BooleanView is some yes/no dialog, TextCompositor is something
like a CompositionScanner (I don't know), InspectorView is probably class
Inspector and the Notifier stuff is now implemented in the Debugger class I
believe.  The only big problem I've currently with the Squeak version is
that some methods have more than 32 temps & args and this isn't supported
by Squeak at all.  Furthermore, the ULT code also uses block local
variables, so I hacked the Squeak parser to support this. I also hacked the
parser to accept identifiers with embedded periods :-)

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