[self-interest] A stupid question

mikael_aronsson at mail.bip.net mikael_aronsson at mail.bip.net
Tue Dec 7 13:00:52 UTC 1999

Hi !

I have never used self, just read about it, but it does look
interesting, I have one question though, how do I do the following:

I have an object (X) that contains a parent slot that points to an
object (Y).

Y contains some data that is used in X for something, now when I clone
X (as I understand it a shallow copy), wouldn't this mean that we just
get a reference to Y in the cloned object so that X and the copy of X
would have the save parent object and if I modify the data in Y both X
objects will notice this.

How do I clone an object so that the parent is cloned to ?, or maybe
this kind of stuff is done in a completley different way in self ?

This is of cource only a problem when the parent contains data slots.


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