[self-interest] Re: Self on Linux

Dru Nelson dnelson at redwoodsoft.com
Sat Apr 17 09:01:46 UTC 1999

> I would really love to have your problems ;-)


> There's no choice than to release this code under GPL.
> It contains parts of the GNU assembler which is GPL'ed.
> It could even be argued that Sun's distribution should have
> been GPL'ed since it already contains GPL'ed source code.
> (see vm/asm/sparc-opc.c).

Ah, I didn't know GAS was part of the port. This makes sense
now. My ignorance. 
I retract my statements, I understand the reasons a lot better.

> You can nevertheless write applications for a GPL'ed Self
> VM as you can do it with a GPL'ed Linux Kernel and GCC.
> If you look at GCC's source you can find hooks for a software
> called `Cygnus Source Navigator' which is not GPL, quite
> expensive, and distributed without source code.


> As long as the stuff is not running, I think it is pretty useless
> to discuss how to avoid GPL'ed code to get a slightly different
> license.

I have no doubt this will change :-)

Thanks Gordon.

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