[self-interest] Re: Self on Linux

Gordon Cichon Gordon at Cichon.de
Sat Apr 17 07:42:45 UTC 1999

Dru Nelson wrote:

> I would like to publicly state, that, although it is
> good to see Self ported to Linux,
> I really find it upsetting that it is moved to the
> GNU GPL instead of keeping it at it's original license.


I would really love to have your problems ;-)

There's no choice than to release this code under GPL.
It contains parts of the GNU assembler which is GPL'ed.
It could even be argued that Sun's distribution should have
been GPL'ed since it already contains GPL'ed source code.
(see vm/asm/sparc-opc.c).

You can nevertheless write applications for a GPL'ed Self
VM as you can do it with a GPL'ed Linux Kernel and GCC.
If you look at GCC's source you can find hooks for a software
called `Cygnus Source Navigator' which is not GPL, quite
expensive, and distributed without source code.

As long as the stuff is not running, I think it is pretty useless
to discuss how to avoid GPL'ed code to get a slightly different


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