[self-interest] Re: Grammar questions

Dru Nelson dnelson at redwoodsoft.com
Tue Dec 22 19:47:11 UTC 1998

Hi Stefan,

 I'm working on a parser too. So far, I've only implemented the
lexer portion. Your recent email on that shows that you have
discovered how to handle that. The '^' and '|' as invalid operators
is not obvious. As for the longest whitespace, personally that will
work, but I think that any of the '=-' or ('=' operator) should
be illegal. C did this for the same reasons.  '=- 1' vs '= -1' is
hard to read, the standard '-=' is much easier to read.

Thanks for posting your questions (and answers). The info has
saved me _a_lot_ of time.

Dru Nelson
Redwood City, California

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