[self-interest] Re: Grammar questions

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at kiel.netsurf.de
Tue Dec 22 13:05:31 UTC 1998

>Currently, I've two problems: a) How can I distinguish a simple expression
>enclosed in parenthesis from an object definition - and b) how to detect
>the end of a slot list?

It's bad habit to quote oneself, but I'd like to add that b) isn't an issue
anymore.  I overlooked paragraph 2.4.5 which explicitely removes | and ^
from the set of valid operators.

(Paragraph 2.4 also defines that "2=-1" shall be parsed as "2 =- 1"
(longest sequence of matching non-whitespace characters) and not as "2 = -1".)

thanks for reading,
Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Are you ready to discover the twilight zone?

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