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Sehyo Chang sehyo at
Wed Apr 5 19:08:36 UTC 1995

>One of the problems with Self is that few people can see it running
>as the machines needed to run it are not that common.
>If somebody could set up a computer that people on the internet could
>telnet to ( if they have a fast enough connection ) and run the Self
>tutorial, it might make a lot more people interested in the language.
>The needed protection might be a problem ( you can do a lot of damage
>from inside Self ) but could be worked out. I would also disable
>saving Snapshots so that one user couldn't mess things up for the
>next one.
>Of course, running X over the net can give people a bad impression
>of a program. Even so, I think Self is something that has to be
>seen to be believed!
>Just an idea...
>-- Jecel

What it would take make SELF independent of Sun/Solaris and X-window?
Maybe some kind of portable UI interface? Or at least build SELF version
with no UI dependency(like GNU Smalltalk) such that we can port to other
platform?  This would begin to popularize SELF.  Or maybe GNU-SELF?

-- sehyo chang

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