Self demos

Randy Smith Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Apr 4 07:31:48 UTC 1995

> One of the problems with Self is that few people can see it running
> as the machines needed to run it are not that common.
> If somebody could set up a computer that people on the internet could
> telnet to ( if they have a fast enough connection ) and run the Self
> tutorial, it might make a lot more people interested in the language.
> The needed protection might be a problem ( you can do a lot of damage
> from inside Self ) but could be worked out. I would also disable
> saving Snapshots so that one user couldn't mess things up for the
> next one.
> Of course, running X over the net can give people a bad impression
> of a program. Even so, I think Self is something that has to be
> seen to be believed!
> Just an idea...
> -- Jecel

Actually, we are thinking of establishing a machine outside pf Sun's
firewall. Because you could share screens, and travel around on the
infinite Self plain, Self would instantly be a "graphical MUD." Or "MOO," in
fact. It would be interesting to see the performace of X over the raw
internet.  I hear it is terrible, but I have not personally observed

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