Recovering the ui after a crash

Bay-Wei Chang [CONTRACTOR] Bay.Chang at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Mar 1 21:31:34 UTC 1994

If you cause the ui to crash, you can often recover by typing

  ui continue

at the prompt.  This attempts to restart the same ui process.

If this is unsuccessful, you must start a new ui process.         

[Optional: at this point you can attempt to recover some of the C-heap
that the dead ui holds on to by typing

  ui finalize

at the prompt.  This attempts to close down the ui's X connection.]

To start a new ui process, you can type

  ui restart

at the prompt.  This starts a new ui process and fills the ui with
the objects that were in the old one.  Arrows are not restored,
however, and neither are the contents of "send" menus.

If you want a clean ui with only the lobby, type

  ui start

at the prompt.


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