Recovering the ui after a crash

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Mar 1 10:14:03 UTC 1994

   I wonder if you can help me. Being a fairly new Self user I have not
   discovered the difference between a safe and unsafe experiment. This of
   course means that I frequently 'crash' self and lose my ui. Is there
   any easy way to throw away the existing broken ui and get a fresh one
   which is not broken.

There are several possibilities.  If the ui itself has not been
corrupted (ie your experiment has resulted in some kind of a failure
outside the UI code) you could try "ui continue".  This just restarts
the ui process; the screen should be exactly as before.

Slightly more severe is "ui restart"; this keeps the same objects on
the screen (so will not help if the problem is due to the rendition of
one of them), but I think the release version loses any arrows that
were on the screen.

The most severe is to do "ui start" (well, actually, _Quit is more
severe ;-)

You can also attempt to clean up a dead ui with "ui finalize" and/or
"ui quit".


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