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Michael Richardson richards at
Fri May 7 20:29:41 UTC 1993

  To conclude the X discussion:

  I was able to open windows under X11R4 and OpenWindow running on the
console with ':0.0'
  I was able to open windows with 'hostname:0.0' if I was on the Sun
console. However, if I was on another X station, it didn't work.
  Using the string '', however would appear to let XOpenDisplay() look
up $DISPLAY on its own, and that *does* work. 
  Actually, I'm not sure I can repeat this every time either...

  I thought I'd try and compile Self. Why, when I can add things via
dynamic linking? I'm not sure :-) g++ version 2.3.3 runs out of memory
at line 2346 of op.h while compiling op.c. I tried another machine
with 45Mb of swap allocated (with at least 28Mb free I think), and got
the same thing. 
  Could it be 2.3.3 bugs? op.c seems to include a zillion things. 

op.h: In method `NonLocalReturnOp::NonLocalReturnOp (struct Name*, struct Name*, struct Name*, struct Use* (=  0 ), struct Use* (=  0 ), struct Use* (=  0 ))':
In file included from _op.c.incl:118, from op.c:13:
op.h:2346: virtual memory exhausted
lock_run failed on "turing" with status = 1. warning: /usr/lib/ has older revision than expected 7

  Thanks for everyone's help.

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