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Urs Hoelzle urs at
Fri May 7 20:54:25 UTC 1993

>   I thought I'd try and compile Self. Why, when I can add things via
> dynamic linking? I'm not sure :-) g++ version 2.3.3 runs out of memory
> at line 2346 of op.h while compiling op.c. I tried another machine
> with 45Mb of swap allocated (with at least 28Mb free I think), and got
> the same thing. 
>   Could it be 2.3.3 bugs? 

It's not a g++ bug, it's a feature :-)  We have also noticed that g++
consumes very generous amounts of memory (> 25 MB on big files).
Dropping the -g flag sometimes helps.

Well I guess that's "progress" :-(


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