unix chdir

Urs Hoelzle urs at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Jun 19 16:42:28 UTC 1993

>   I am considering just removing xlibPrim.wrappers.c from the basic
> build since I'm using the dynamically linked stuff. Is there an overview
> document on how the Makefiles are organized? 

There are some hints in the doc subdirectory, but not too much about
make...essentially, to add/remove a source file you have to change the
source directory's Makefile (e.g. prims/Makefile) and add/remove
dependencies in the top-level includeDB (*not* the copies in
sun4/debug etc.).  Then make lists and everything should work.

Essentially, make lists constructs a makefile, and it uses the
information from the source directory makefiles and from the includeDB
to figure out which .o files to build and in what order.

Hope that helps,


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