looking for benchmark programs

Urs Hoelzle urs at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Jun 18 20:22:06 UTC 1993

For my upcoming thesis I'm looking for a Few Good Programs to use as
benchmarks for the new Self compiler.  To qualify, your program should

    - be reasonably large (at least several hundred lines)
    - be reasonably reproducible (no user input etc.) 
    - preferably not use signals, processes, or X
    - take around 5 seconds to run (on a SS-10, excluding
      initialization, with warm code cache)

In exchange for providing me with a benchmark, you'll get

    - complete guaranteed immortality by virtue of being mentioned in 
      at least one (1) paragraph of my thesis
    - my eternal gratefulness 
    - and, quite possibly, a better and faster Self system!

If you've written a Self program that might fit the above criteria,
please let me know.  Thanks!


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