Porting Self

Urs Hoelzle Urs.Hoelzle at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Aug 19 23:22:44 UTC 1992

Dirk> What exactly does the virtual machine? Is it capable of
Dirk> executing some intermediate code that the parser generates? Then
Dirk> it would be fairly easy to al least get up a running system
Dirk> without native code compiler. 

No, there's no interpreter.  It would be very slow (somebody at ETH
wrote a Self interpreter in Oberon, and it came out to be at least 100
times slower than C).

Dirk> Still my question: where is the native code compiler: in the VM
Dirk> or in the Self code?

It's in the VM.

Dirk> Another question: The performance figures for PPS Smalltalk:
Dirk> what version did you use? 4.1? If not, are the newer systems
Dirk> from PPS faster?

I'm not sure about the numbers in benchamrks.self, they're probably PP
2.4.  For a new paper (October IEEE Computer) we measured 4.0 which
was faster on some benchmarks (if I remember correctly), but not
spectacularly so (10-20%).


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