Self 2.0 being ported?

Urs Hoelzle Urs.Hoelzle at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Aug 11 20:11:25 UTC 1992

   From: Sean Levy <snl+ at>

   Is there any movement/interest in the Self group to port Self to
   architectures other than Sun? The inclusion of source code with the 2.0
   release is a welcome blessing, but one of my main criteria (and the main
   reason why I decided not to go with Self for the coding of my project
   but went off and rolled my own prototype-based system) is that it work
   on as many platforms as humanly possible and be (reasonably) easily
   portable. I can't be locked in to sparcs (or any one architecture) for a
   number of reasons.

We're certainly aware of that problem, and there is no intention of
restricting it to the Sparc architecture.  However, we currently do
not have the manpower to port Self to other platforms.

In principle, the effort required to port Self is reasonable (say, one
or two months).  Today, the required effort is probably larger (for
"outsiders") because our VM is not well documented, especially the
details of the run-time system that you need to know for porting.
Hopefully, future releases will include a porting guide or something


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