Self 2.0 being ported?

Sean Levy snl+ at
Tue Aug 11 03:14:40 UTC 1992

Is there any movement/interest in the Self group to port Self to
architectures other than Sun? The inclusion of source code with the 2.0
release is a welcome blessing, but one of my main criteria (and the main
reason why I decided not to go with Self for the coding of my project
but went off and rolled my own prototype-based system) is that it work
on as many platforms as humanly possible and be (reasonably) easily
portable. I can't be locked in to sparcs (or any one architecture) for a
number of reasons.

The ideas in Self have been my inspriation in a number of ways ever
since I read them; unfortunately, their expression as implementation
have not been useful to me. If only for the ideas, the Self group should
be commended. If I can actually jump on the bandwagon and use their
code, so much the better!

			-- Sean
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