Craig Chambers craig
Tue Sep 11 02:40:36 UTC 1990

Yes, you appear to be on the air (at least at Stanford).  By the way, we here
at Stanford would be very interested to hear other people's impressions of
Self.  There's been a dearth of discussion on this mailing list.  If you've
used Self, then please let us know, especially if there's something that
bothers you and prevents you from using it all the time (we know its
programming environment leaves a bit to be desired, but that's only a matter
of time).  If you have comments that you don't want to broadcast to everyone
on this mailing list, then you can mail them to us at self at self.stanford.edu.

Thanks for your time and interest.

-- Craig Chambers

P.S.  The new Self compiler I've been working on recently passed the 1/2 opt. C
threshold in performance, and is now running the Stanford integer benchmarks
at over 60% the speed of opt. C.  We hope to release the new compiler (as well
as other improvements to the system, like support for multiple lightweight
processes and user-defined slots in vectors and byte vectors) sometime in the
near future.  The C++ source code for the system will be released sometime in
the future as well, once we've invested enough time to document it for public

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