My impression on Self

franck boissiere boissier at ccettix.UUCP
Tue Sep 11 07:06:13 UTC 1990

I have tried to use Self on both sun3 sun4 color and mono displays. The
whole thing looks pretty nice and seem to have powerfull ideas to dig in.

>From my experience you cannot make a snapshot on a sun4 and run it later
Status: O

on a sun3, this was disappointing as I am addicted to Smalltalk-80. This
may be an area for future work, although it may be quite q bit of work.

More problematic is that I'd like to start the graphic stuff (UI at least)
in monochrome even if I am on a color fb. This saves a looooootttttttt of
memory when it's a scarce ressource and when you swap over the net.

One more bad thing is that when you've loaded the ui stuff started it, then
back to the command mode, making a snapshot sometimes produces bad files
which cannot be run later. I'll compile more info on it if possible.

That's it for the bad points, for the good ones I feel that theconcept
of dynamic inheritance may be a very powerful tool for prototyping applications
I will soon investigate some more thouroughly the possibilities I just
have to find an application to play with.

Keep on the fast lane

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