Hey all,

It's been a while, but things are actually happening, Self-wise. I'll do up a email at some point, or you could drop by the Discord which I'm trying to hang out at.

However, I've got a question:

In the `tests` object, there are two methods which together form a test which is part of the VM Suite.

They are:

         conversionPrologueTest = ( |
            'Testing conversion of method in prologue...' print.
            "shell useNIC."
            [conversionPrologueTestLoop]. "browsing"
            (message copy receiver: self Selector: 'conversionPrologueTestLoop') fork.
            1000 do: [
              (vector copySize: 17 FillingWith: 0) asMirror removeAll.
              times delay: 1.
              '.' print.
            'ok' printLine.


         conversionPrologueTestLoop = ( |
            v: vector copySize: 100.
            1000 do: [vv: v at: 3 IfAbsent: 17. times delay: 1. '*' print.].

If you run the test, it puts out a nice pattern of * and .

Dave left a comment: Added in order to test the fix to the VM crashing
that surfaced doing Klein export work in winter/spring 2003.
-- David Ungar

But sadly I am not any wiser :)

What was this for? Does this test still have a meaning and reason for existing? 

- Russell