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Web development framework. Okay, so that isn't really fun at all, but it *might* create some new interest in the project.
We now have an almost web server, which I'm running selflangauge.org on behind nginx

For the simple sites I've written most web frameworks seem weirdly complex to me, but it's not my area so I assume they are useful for people who need them.

Awesome. Can I read the code somewhere?

I've split it out into http://github.com/russellallen/self-webserver

It's more a sketch of a webserver than something real :)

Mother of Stupid Ideas: do a web browser and fire 90% of the operating system, which is nowadays a life support system for a web browser anyway. I've been wanting to do this in Squeak since I arrived unwashed at the threshold of the mysteries of the message send. In Self, though, one of the ideas I had could really work better than in any other system presently: one could use direct, live manipulation of the morphs that comprise a web page to edit the actual page in a WYSIWYG fashion, and then use a variant of the object transporter, maybe with some parsing expression grammar sauce, to idea send a message which makes the page recursively render itself as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It's like FrontPage, but without all of the suck! Of course, we'd need recruits, so...

Oh that's easy. Write a javascript->self translator, run webkit through emscripten and Bob's your uncle :p

Haha, but that defeats the entire point. The browser must be written in Self. That's how I get to fire my operating system. It could be Self, it could be Squeak, but if we ever built a web browser, we could seriously run on nearly bare metal and get by. It's an enormous amount of work to support a broken paradigm though, so I'm not oblivious to why it hasn't happened yet. 

You could easily have a Linux kernel boot into Self (with or without a really cut down userland)

Big problems for me are:

(1) only 32 bit. So either we write a new 64 bit VM, or we run lots of Self vms messaging each other
(2) complete lack of security within a Self world. ie code can do abominations like "0 _Quit"