Oh man! Jason, I was getting ready to point at Sinatra and you got there before I did. The thing I like about Sinatra? He lets me be me and do things how I want to do them ("My Way") and yeah. 

I LOVE the way Sinatra handles the underpinnings and allows geeks to march to the beat of their own drums by showing off whatever tech they feel like with regard to overall architecture.

For anyone who hasn't used it, it's rather like one specifies a handler in the form of a closure that deals with a particular variety of HTTP request, and you basically supply some code that tells the system how to deal with the request. 

Okay, this one's free: build the framework, and call it Nancy: just give me credit for naming the framework bwahahaha. (Really, Frank named her.)


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> For the simple sites I've written most web frameworks seem weirdly
> complex to me, but it's not my area so I assume they are useful for
> people who need them.

Ditto, for the big ones like Rails. But "microframeworks" like Sinatra
- and various clones of Sinatra in other languages - are increasingly
popular, and very very simple.