I first used Squeak 1.x and the system browse was enough for me to discover the system. Modern Pharo scares me though. The tools haven't scaled.

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Yes, excellent.

And then there's also stuff that's even more high level than that.

For example, when I look through the object systems of Pharo or even the
relatively small Io, I find a mixture of things that are intended for
widespread use and things that are intended for niche uses, for lots of
reasons (e.g. they're experimental, or they're optimised for only
certain cases, or they're badly optimised but get correct results in
corner cases, or they can talk to other obsolete systems, or ...). This
can be shown in the internal documentation of the objects and sometime
is (not always - grrr), but that's not where it's most useful, is it? I
want to know before I start exploring which objects I should consider

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> Sure, no argument there. Someone had written about parameter type
> comments. Self objects and slots can have comments in their
> annotations. Easy enough to write some reflective code to compile it,
> search it, etc.