Can you be more specific? I read Raskin's book, but I'm not sure what you're trying to say. 

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On 2014-09-16 12:47, Casey Ransberger
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> Interesting, timely idea: Juan Vuletich just released a sneak-peek[1]
> at his new vector-based Morphic implementation. The renderer is
> currently written in Smalltalk -- so, slow -- but the idea is that
> we're going to adapt it to Slang so it can be translated as a VM
> plugin in C. The most interesting thing is, his algorithm[2] is
> unique. It's based on signal processing theory, and provides crisper
> rendering than anything I know of currently on or off of the market.
> One of the goals behind the work is to realize a truly zoomable user
> interface. Do you think that a zooming interface free of pixel
> complications would make the large contiguous Self world easier and
> more pleasant to navigate? I do! Forget the desktop pager if I can
> just zoom out, right?

based on what-ever (little) i know about "self", and my interactions
with mr. j raskin, i would suggest staying away from a zooming interface
for a "self"-like project.

a zoomworld, as was described by mr. raskin would be more apt where you
want to drill down into _knowledge_, which isn't the case with "self".

do correct me if you feel my assumptions are wrong.