[Self-interest] Self implementation in Python

Luke McNeil lukemcneil61 at gmail.com
Tue May 17 03:40:03 UTC 2022

Hey everyone!

We’re a team of student engineers from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
that’s been working on a Python implementation of Self for the past
academic year. We began developing this system since the Self virtual
machine is currently unable to be easily run on most modern operating
systems (without setting up a virtual machine to emulate older 32-bit
operating systems).

Our system is designed to parse and interpret Self inputs in a similar
manner to the Self environment and virtual machine. The system comes with
its own GUI framework to demonstrate its features that is extensible by
users, and the framework itself serves as a proof-of-concept for
implementing Morphic-related features in the future. The interpreter’s
implementation is bootstrapped, meaning that higher-level features like
lists and strings are directly imported from their respective Self modules,
which we file out from the original Self system.

We hope that this project will serve not only as a useful educational tool
for introducing engineers to alternative programming paradigms, but also as
a convenient environment for Self development. If you’re interested in
exploring our system further, we’ve prepared a video demo for your
convenience (here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8sciM3a8Y0>). You can
also visit our repository on GitHub below. We welcome your thoughts and



Rose-Hulman Self Interpreter Team

(Nathaniel Blanco, Achintya Gupta, Luke McNeil, Jacob Pinney)
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