[Self-interest] Self for Mac OS X Tiger?

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Mon Jun 13 21:07:58 UTC 2022

Russell Allen asked on Sun, 12 Jun 2022 17:23:40 +1000
> Anyone happen to have a PPC Mac VM sitting around?

Are we talking about sources or binaries? On the computer I am typing
this on I seem to have the sources for:

self4VM Jun 21 1996
self4.1VM October 9 1999
self4.1.2VM October 9 1999
self4.1.5VM April 8 2002
self4.1.6VM October 2 2002

The first one seems to be Sparc only, but the rest do have PowerPC stuff
in them.

Looking at the backups for my old Macs, I see a Self4.1.6 that I used in
my G4 iBook and it does have a 28MB Self binary deep in the vm folder. I
imagine that the binary I actually ran was in the Applications folder
which I didn't back up. When I get home I can check if the machine still
works, in which case we can get stuff from Applications. But the full
folder name where Self is indicates that it is usable:


-- Jecel

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