[Self-interest] UK Smalltalk User Group Meeting - Wednesday 24 November

Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Wed Nov 17 05:12:06 UTC 2021

> On 17 Nov 2021, at 8:44 am, Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at merlintec.com> wrote:
>  I use Celeste in Squeak Smalltalk for
> my email but it does have a few limitations. Fancy quotation marks also
> get rendered as question marks, for example.

Wow that’s a name I had forgotten. I used Celeste back in the late 90s (when there were fewer emojis!)

I quite liked it, but it wasn’t really maintained or updated by anyone.

Do you use it in a new Squeak or an old image? Has anyone updated it at all or is it still POP+SMTP?


Update: the Squeak wiki still has my old screenshots from 20 years ago!

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