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I suppose I should give an update on this. I’ve been a bit distracted with work and family stuff so haven’t done nearly as much with Ourself.io as I would like.
The aim is to allow people to be able to get an account on OurSelf and then run images for longer than 5 minutes. I’ve got a fair chunk of that already running, and I’ll set out how to access that below.
I haven’t opened this up more generally yet for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, I need to be sure of the robustness of the system. I doubt that we will be getting so many Self users beating on my server’s doors that we’ll have resource issues, but it would be nice if the system didn’t blow up too often during use :)
Secondly, to be useful as more than a demo platform, we need some mechanisms/stories around getting data and snapshots on and off the platform. A user should be able to download and upload Self snapshots, and running Self worlds should be able to access cloud storage (eg S3, Dropbox, Google Drive), as well as some local storage.
After that of course there is a never ending list of things we can do to improve the situation!
I’d love to hear from people on this, and any help and suggestions would be wonderful.
If you want to try out the (non-robust, etc) version of OurSelf.io then you can register an account by clicking on the [Manager] link on the front page. The ‘Invitation’ is ‘ourselves’
BTW, I’d suggest using Chrome or Firefox over Safari at the moment, because I get weirdness sometimes with Safari’s WebSocket compatibility.
Cheers Russell
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ups... I forgot that detail... I'll have to run it on Linux on a virtualbox...
[ ourself.io ]( http://ourself.io ) works great but only lets you use it for five minutes...

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 > On 1. Jul 2021, at 00:55, Hernan Wilkinson <[ hernan.wilkinson at 10pines.com ]( mailto:hernan.wilkinson at 10pines.com )> wrote:
 > Hi, 
 >  I can not run Self on my macOS Catalina.
 >  If I try to open a snapshot from the Self Control, nothing happens.
 >  If I try to run the Self vm from the command line I get this error message:
 > /usr/local/bin/Self: line 2: /Applications/Self Control.app/Contents/Resources/Self.app/Contents/MacOS/Self: Bad CPU type in executable
 >  Does anybody have the same problem? Is there a way to make it run?

 Well, it's a i386 application, not x86_64…
 I don't see a way at the moment…

 Best regards

 > Thanks!
 > Hernan.


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