[Self-interest] goals for Self

Nicklas Carpenter carpenter.nicklas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 07:19:08 UTC 2021

 > What other goals would make sense for Self?

When I decided to continue my project, I had several goals in mind when 
about what I wanted it to be long term:

Creating a more accessible Self:
I think the biggest problem I had with getting started with Self was the
relatively high barrier to entry. The current VM takes some effort to get
working and still has some compatibility issues (at least in my experiences
getting it working on Linux). Resources for how to get started with Self are
somewhat sparse, and it took a lot of digging around for me to gather enough
material to get somewhat comfortable. I understand it's a lot easier 
with some
Smalltalk background, but I never had any real exposure to it until I 
the project and I think that will be increasingly true of people discovering
Self for the first time. I thought the best way to address this would be:

     - Creating a VM that is easy to install, run, and is (eventually)
       portable. Ideally, it would also be implemented such that the code is
       fairly easy to follow and replicate so that if other people 
wanted to
       use it a reference for their own implementation it would be 
easier to
       ensure consistent behavior between the various VMs

     - Publishing canonical and idiomatic references and resources. For
       example, Lua (https://www.lua.org/docs.html) has the reference manual
       which is the official (canonical) definition of the language but the
       project home page also highlights Programming in Lua  which is 
more of
       a guide of how to use the language (idiomatically). Another good
       example is the Python documentation (https://docs.python.org/3/) 
       contains official references, but also links to resources that
       describe best practice (or pythonic code as the Python community 

Defining a Self standard:
This one should be pretty self-explanatory. It would make collaboration 
a lot

I have other goals specific to my particular project, but I thought 
these were
good general goals.

-- Nicklas

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