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Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Fri Oct 30 10:12:44 UTC 2020

Hi guys,

I’ve written before about the somewhat ad hoc system I’ve set up at ourself.io for running Self worlds in the cloud. You can (if you have the invite code) run an image, access the desktop through your browser, and share the desktop with others for 20 minutes before everything is cleaned up.

There is a massive cloud of available locations for your Self worlds: Sydney, Silicon Valley or Tokyo.

Since then I’ve added functionality so people can sign up to get an account, and then run Self worlds, make changes, save them etc.

This isn’t ready for general consumption, but we’re getting there…

So today I opened up a running Self world on the Sydney server, and added Jason Grossman as a user and invited him into the running Self world as a separate user.

We played around for a bit, moving things and typing etc. It actually worked pretty well. We were both close to the server so latency wasn’t an issue, and the multiuser system worked really nicely. Each of us got a coloured cursor with our names, and the border of our screen showed up on the other’s screen.

There were a few issues with the server side when we tried to replicate the experience on the Silicon Valley server which I’ll look into. And there are other bugs of course which I know about but which didn’t rear their ugly heads during our test.

But generally it was pretty cool. A true platform for small team collaboration.

I would like to do it again with some more people - if anyone is interested pipe up. Basically we would pick a time and try it. We would need some sort of side comms channel. Jason and I used zoom but I reckon we could do it with text chat now we know it works.

Cheers Russell

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