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Yang Liu yang.liu at dbvisit.com
Thu Nov 19 00:47:11 UTC 2020


Snapshot is the base concept of Self and the Transporter can import/export object from/to files. 
Is there possible to introduce a proxy or router to transparently get/set objects from the remote snapshots.
So each snapshot can work as the node in a p2p network. It’s easier for sharing and no big changes to the Self system itself.

— Yang

> On 19/11/2020, at 2:10 AM, Baltasar García Perez-Schofield <baltasarq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> What do you mean by a true persistent system?
> An orthogonal persistence system determines the orthogonal roots of
> persistence, calculates their persistent closure (the set of objects
> needed for the former to make sense), and stores and retrieves them
> on/from disk in a transparent way.
> A memory snapshot more or less does the trick, but, as happens in the
> case of Self, involves a much bigger memory size to deal with. It also
> makes it more difficult to share a set of objects (data), with other
> people, which I guess that is the transporter is for.
> -- Baltasar
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