[Self-interest] slow systems (was: OurSelf trial nowwithout invite!)

Jason Grossman jason.grossman at xeny.net
Thu Nov 26 01:34:03 UTC 2020

IMO, there are many factors that determine whether overlapping or 
non-overlapping windows are best.  One example of a factor that people 
often don't mention is what position your monitor is in. In some monitor 
positions, I want to be looking mainly at the centre of the monitor, and 
in others looking at the edges of the monitor is okay.  I find it very 
difficult to place non-overlapping windows in ways that respect changes 
of monitor position.  I say this with sadness - I tried hard to like 
non-overlapping windows, for years, because they would have given me a 
better choice of OS window managers.

My conclusion is that the Self way is the best thing to have as a default.


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