[Self-interest] OurSelf trial now without invite!

David Ungar ungar at mac.com
Wed Nov 25 16:55:37 UTC 2020

Thanks, Mario. Sorry, I had forgotten, indeed.

- David

> On Nov 24, 2020, at 10:17 PM, Mario Wolczko <mario at wolczko.com> wrote:
> Dave has probably forgotten about this, but shortly after 4.0 was released in ‘95 I set up a SPARCstation with Self on the open internet which could be accessed via X11 from anywhere in the world.  
> For a few years Sun Labs owned and operated sunlabs.com and staff could easily get a machine on the Internet without a firewall or NAT.  I set up a password-less account which would run a copy of a clean image in a chroot-ed directory. When the session ended everything was wiped and reset to a clean state. 
> As might be expected in hindsight, net bandwidth and latency to most parts of the world was insufficient back then.  After a couple of years one or more machines in that domain got hijacked for nefarious purposes and the whole experiment was shut down shortly after that.  I wonder if there’s anyone reading this who remembers trying it out (kjx or Jecel, perhaps?).
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